Divine Goddesses of Peru and the Nusta Karpay - IN TRUCKEE, CA

NUSTA KARPAY ~ Divine Feminine Shamanic Ritual and Healing Ceremony


Spring 2021

co-host Lorraine Stern

  • Connect, explore and heal the Divine Feminine.  This is for all gender!  Both Men and Women.

  • Discover the healing wisdom of an ancient Peruvian culture in a modern-day context

  • Learn to live fully grounded, balanced and from a place that is true to you

  • Heal and renew the relationship with your authentic self

  • Transcend your old wounds and stories.  Walk through the journey of the Shamans in opening your heart.

  • Experience the power of community, ceremony and modern-day rituals

  • Discover the gifts of the Nusta Karpay, the feminine principles of returning to wholeness, balance and harmony

  • Cost for the class is $300.  A specially prepared vegan lunch is available by Chef Kayla for an additional $25.
  • This class is co-taught by Lorraine Stern and Stefanie Scapini. For more information contact either Lorraine at 831-206-9291 or Stefanie at 530-448-9352.

  • Deposit of $100 is due by July 14th.  Link for payment: http://paypal.me/SScapini

Pleiades Star Healing & Ritual Workshop

Summer 2021

Reach for the Stars-Experience star teachings from the high Andes of Peru. 

gifted to us by Don Mariano Quispe, Q’ero elder, healer, and seer.

  • Learn the mythology and lore of the Pleiades

  • Bring in the light from above

  • Journey to the stars and reconnect to the ancestors

  • Shine light on all aspects of your being

  • Infuse yourself with new inspiration

  • Clear away what is no longer needed

  • Allow for healing and transformation

  • Find out more about your true potential

  • Further your visionary skills for this new time

  • Navigate the new times with more support and grace

  • Promote greater traction in the world

  • Experience the power of community, ceremony and modern-day rituals

 Taught by  Lorraine Stern & Assisted by Stefanie “Olive” Scapini

For More information please contact Stefanie at 530.448.9352

$275 for workshop

Space is limited to 10 participants





Virtual Circle

WHEN:  RECURRING on the New Moon & Full Moon of the Month @ 7:30 PM PST

WHO: Open to all!  Appropriate for all gender and all ages.

LINK To ATTENDhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/6881433376

Meeting ID: 688 143 3376

Donations accepted, otherwise a free gathering

ALLUV has created a group of Life Coach Therapists, Light Workers and Shamans doing virtual circle that is designed to uplift those struggling right now with the times at hand.  The group is sharing their unique gifts and talents to uplift and enlighten the participants. The circle is gathering to set intention, prayers and guidance for the collective and the earth. We also work on individual requests together to send protection and light healing to the participant’s loved ones that are at a distance. If someone has recently passed or is passing, we can help them transition. We will spend time on individual requests as well as spend time for the collective and the planet. We stand firm in not just doing healing work but teaching by showing through demonstration of practice so you can do this on your own.
We are doing this as a GIVEBACK as we have always believed in sharing our gifts and talents on a donation basis for Circle. We are grateful to do this and we look forward to lifting all up and bringing in hope in these uneasy times.

Contact Stefanie at 530.448.9352 for more information.  Text is quickest response!


Full & New Moon Circle

April 2021

Starting this Spring!   The evenings of the Full & New Moon at 7PM.

Donation Appreciated but not expected!

Primarily a Women’s (Teenagers welcome) Circle that focuses on supporting women in the community to find Self Love and support through meditation and reiki and channeling the Divine Feminine Collective Energy.

We will be offering REIKI I Attunements for Donation of $55 for all attendees. Attunements will be done virtual and will include a 2 hour instructional meeting on learning how to use Reiki in your life.

Zoom Link: coming soon

Call or text Stefanie at 530.448.9352


Self.Luv, All.Luv, Be.Luv

Healing Series

Summer 2021

The Original and First Reiki Yoga Class in Tahoe is returning!  We are resurrecting some special classes for the community that will be  based around raising Spiritual Consciousness and Healing Benefits through a gentle Yoga with Meditation and Reiki Class. Our mission – to empower the practitioner with guidance and tools to reconnect to their soul and fall back in love with them self.


Reiki Level I & Level II

Attunement Workshop

Summer 2021

Yes!  We are doing these on a monthly basis.  What is a Reiki Attunement?  It is the actually ritual of bestowing the gift of Reiki onto one so that they can actually use it in their everyday lives.

This includes a 4 hour hands on teaching of what Reiki  and the actual ritual of the attunement.  Each gathering is capped at a total of 5 participants.