Stefanie Scapini

Stefanie is the founder of the Alluv Collective, Non-Profit.  She heard a calling in 2016 to dive into her passion of using Metaphysical Modalities to assist others on their enlightenment journey.  She is defined as a Spiritual Intuitive,  Andean Shamanic Practitioner,  Reiki Master Teacher and Therapist,  Yoga Certified Instructor and co-creator of ALLUV Self Luv Reiki and Meditation Group.  She offers Healing Circles and Spiritual Gatherings through the collective to offer support to the Women, Men, and  Children in the community.  Currently she is finishing up her Hypnosis Training for Past Life Regression Therapy.  One more item to mention, Stefanie is also a gifted Tarot and Oracle Reader.  She combines Astrology with the cards and intuitive channeling in effort to deliver guidance that is channeled specifically for her client’s higher good and purpose.    Aside from doing her work with ALLUV, Stefanie is a Mother to two children and is a long time Tahoe resident dating back to 1999.  She does this all as a give back as she is a full time Realtor in Tahoe.  Alluv Healing Collective was created through her vision to help the people in the Tahoe Community to find an alternative way for healing through Yoga, Reiki and other energy modalities.  Her vision is set on the future to help activate people into their spiritual path whether through Art, Yoga or Energy Work.


Nikoletta Bersentes

Nikoletta returns to Tahoe! Along with her amazing list of modalities and trainings, Nik is now a certified IAKP International Association Kambo Practitioner.  She can offer her clients personalized shamanic journeys through the Kambo Medicine.  Her other credentials include Advanced Cranial Sacral Myofascial Release Therapist, Level II Reiki Practitioner, LOMI LOMI message therapist, and she also is a Somatic Body Release and Healing Art therapist.  She is a gifted intuitive that has combined many years of practice in the holistic healing arts and she uses her many years of training and experience to help her clients begin and proceed down their healing journey.  She is also licensed to teach Access Consciousness and she also studied in Costa Rica to receive her license as a Clarity Breath worker. To say the least, she has a lot to offer her clients!  She has studied at the Sukha Wellness Center in Avilla Beach and she received her massage training from the Holistic CHI Institute in San Luis Obispo in 2011.  Did I mention she is also a Certified Doula?  What ever you are looking for, she may just have the training!


Susan Krick

Susan is a gifted Intuitive Medical Medium that helps people through holistic practices to assist them to heal their mind, body and spirit.   She is a trained Shaman through Four Winds Society, a Reiki Master Teacher and a gifted Medical Intuitive.   She believes in the power of the human body to heal itself through food and energy work. Who she is today is a drastically different version of who she was 10 years ago.  Two kids, a toxic career and getting sick with a chronic health condition shifted that for her.  As a mom with two young kids who suddenly found herself not able to get out of bed one morning, she knew she needed to address her health.  Out of nowhere, she had lost her vitality, her energy and it was replaced with shortness of breath, debilitating fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, digestive issues, and severe insomnia to name just a few.  Several doctors and healers and many months passed without any relief to her symptoms.  She had hit rock bottom and was sitting on the floor crying one night when she quotes, ” I asked Spirit for intervention and a miracle.”  Within days she was guided to Shamanic Medicine and the Medical Medium and she hasn’t looked back since. “Today I am committed to sharing the gift that was once shared with me.  The secrets around true healing that shouldn’t be so secret,  that our body knows how to heal itself given the right conditions.  She knows first hand that by using food as our medicine in combination with healing our energetic bodies, we can find our way back to vitality, living the life we were born to live.


Meghan Ruiz

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Womans-retreat-Lake-Tahoe-2016-523-(ZF-6072-62778-1-048)Meghan is one of the most beloved Vinyasa Flow Instructors in the Tahoe Area and is co-owner of Truckee Yoga Collective.  She believes that yoga is much more than being on a yoga mat in a yoga studio. She believes Yoga is a lifestyle.  If you have ever been to her class you know that from the moment you step onto the mat your life is changed whether you realize it, feel it, or not. Her practice is changing all the time and yoga has allowed the space for that to happen! She is a mother, wife, artist and a Board Member at Kindred. Meghan is also known for her Henna Art and  her handmade Crystal Jewelry here in Truckee.   Meghan can be found at Truckee Yoga Collective.  She also offers Private Yoga Classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as Private Henna Appointments.  Go to her Website for more information and to book with her.