Stefanie Scapini

Stefanie is a Spiritual Intuitive,  Andean Shaman,  Reiki Master,  Yoga Instructor and co-creator of ALLUV Self Luv Yoga, Reiki and Meditation Group Series offered at Mountain Lotus and Truckee Yoga Collective.  She offers a Healing Circle at the Blue House every other Wednesday to offer support to the Divine Feminine Collective in the Tahoe Area.  She is also one of the more sought after Tarot Readers in the Tahoe Area as she combines her readings with her intuitive channeling gifts and focuses on helping her clients to become their own healers.  In the spring of 2017, Stefanie went to visit  the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiânia Brazil  to bring back a Crystal Chromotherapy Light structure commonly called a Crystal Bed.   Stefanie has created a space in Tahoe in which children and adults alike can come experience the Chromotherapy in a non-invasive setting.  Aside from doing her work with ALLUV, Stefanie is a Mother to two children and is a long time Tahoe resident dating back to 1999.  Alluv Healing was created through her vision to help the people in the Tahoe Community to find an alternative way for healing through Yoga, Reiki and other energy modalities.  Her vision is set on the future to help activate people whether through Art, Yoga or Energy Work.


Ingrid Sanderman

IngridOriginally from Slovakia, Ingrid has been a Lake Tahoe transplant since 1995. She has been on a lifelong fitness focused journey deeply steeped in yoga and natural pathways. Blending the athleticism and sport of modern yoga, with a whole body focused philosophy that honors its traditions and spirituality.In 2000, she was drawn to Bikram Yoga, the style in which she now specializes. Ingrid first undertook Baron Baptiste yoga training in 2003, followed by Bikram yoga teacher training in 2004 where she was trained directly by Bikram Choudhury. An Intuitive Healing Therapist, Channeler and Reiki Master, Ingrid received her Reiki training under Marianne Schneider RMT.  Ingrid also has her attunement as a Level I & Level II Angelic and Crystal Reiki practitioner.   Ingrid is able to channel and advise the client to customize a healing routine that is right for them, incorporating yoga, meditation and her various energy healing techniques.  Ingrid is the other co-creator of ALLUV Self Luv Yoga, Reiki and Meditation Group Series Workshops.


Nikoletta Bersentes

nikolettaNikoletta Bersentes received her massage training from the Holistic Chi institute in San Luis Obispo, Ca. After acquiring training in Swedish, deep tissue, lomi lomi and Reiki energy healing she decided to dive deep into Somatic body release and the healing arts. She than began studying with Sukha Wellness in Avila Beach with modalities including Cranial Sacral therapy, myofacial release, lymphatic drainage and received her facilitator license to teach and practice access consciousness. Nikoletta considers herself an art healer intuitively tapping in and listening to her clients needs as well as the body sending messages so she may help unravel, reset and center each individual to balance and homeostasis. Having taught yoga and movement in the body for over 15 years she furthered her studies traveling to Costa Rica and becoming a licensed Clarity breath worker. Clarity breath assists in the release of emotional baggage, injury and pain stored in the body. Gathering and collecting these teachings and experiences has cultivated in her a unique blend of therapeutic treatments to offer all individuals seeking well being. She incorporates and infuses her practice into the clients needs to create a safe healing environment for the body, mind and spirit.


Meghan Ruiz

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Womans-retreat-Lake-Tahoe-2016-523-(ZF-6072-62778-1-048)Meghan is one of the most beloved Vinyasa Flow Instructors in the Tahoe Area and is co-owner of Truckee Yoga Collective.  She believes that yoga is much more than being on a yoga mat in a yoga studio. She believes Yoga is a lifestyle.  If you have ever been to her class you know that from the moment you step onto the mat your life is changed whether you realize it, feel it, or not. Her practice is changing all the time and yoga has allowed the space for that to happen! She is a mother, wife, artist and a Board Member at Kindred. Meghan is also known for her Henna Art and  her handmade Crystal Jewelry here in Truckee.   Meghan can be found at Truckee Yoga Collective.  She also offers Private Yoga Classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as Private Henna Appointments.  Go to her Website for more information and to book with her.


Joshua “Bear” Kahikina

Joshua is Bear Hugging Energy.  He is a Reiki Master and Massage Therapist that is an intuned masseuse and energy healer.     Bear is dedicated to help people who need healing both physically and energetically.  He holds space to be free of body restrictions, mental stereotypes, and soul clenching habits.  His massage techniques range from gentle to deep tissue and sports massage.  All the various things that are exchanged; conversations, energy, time.  Josh studied at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Massachusetts.  To schedule with Josh, please email him  Aloha Nui Loa


Susan Krick

Susan and KidsWith a strong love of essential oils and angels, Susan has a primary focus working with Children and Mommas.  She was trained by Verlyn McGilvray in both Reiki and Raindrop Therapy.  Susan is a Master Reiki Practitioner who is drawn to working closely with the angels to help the body heal on both an energetic and physical level.  She completed her Master Level Reiki training in 2013 and continued on to receive her Raindrop Therapy training in 2014 and is currently studying Shamanic Medicine with Lorraine Stern who is a former teacher at the Four Winds Society.

Susan offers her clients a balanced  approach for reaching their healing goals as her background was in Pre-Med and Virology at University of Arizona and now she uses her traditional medical background to enhance her Holistic Practices.  She spent 20 plus years working for the Pharmaceutical industry in Clinical Research.  However when Western medicine failed both her and her son in their time of need, she turned to her use of essential oil’s and Reiki to help heal both of them. Ready to help support other mothers and children on their healing journey, Susan left her career in the spring of 2016 to focus on her energetic and essential oil practice full-time.