Moon Prayer Circle

These gatherings are centered around the Moon Cycles and are focused on releasing what no longer serves our higher self during the full moon and in manifesting our hearts truest desires with the new moon.  The gatherings will vary from week to week to include Shamanic Despacho Ceremonies, meditations, channeled messages from Spirit, Tarot Card pulls, as well as Shamanic and Reiki healing work.


Crystal Bed

Yes, we traveled to Brazil to get this to Tahoe!  The concept of the Crystal Bed is a healing modality created by the spiritual healing center known as “the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil”. The crystal bed allows for rejuvenation, alignment and balancing of one’s energy fields, which in turn facilitates physical and spiritual healing for the patient.  The Crystal Bed, also known as Crystal Bath, is safe and non-invasive.  The patient is asked to lay face up on a massage table, shoes removed, jewelry removed, clothes on.  Once comfortable, the individual is asked to relax and the therapy begins.

The Crystal Bed has seven clear and highly polished vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately a foot about the client lying on the massage table.  Each of the crystals have been cut to a specific frequency.  Each crystal is aligned above one of the seven chakras of the patient.  Colored lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystal to each respective chakra and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance and align your energies.

For best results, we ask our patients to wear light colored clothing, preferably white and to simply maintain an open mind.  Time before the session is best spent in quiet reflection or meditation. The individual is asked to privately set their intention before the therapy begins.


Shamanic Healing Work

Shamanic Healing sessions will vary based on the individual client’s needs including a combination of the following: Illuminations, Chakra clearing and balancing, Soul Retrievals,  Karmic Cord Clearings, Crystallized and Intrusive Energy Extractions, Land and Home Clearings, Property and Home Energetic Crystal Griding,  Nusta Ritual & Ceremony, Meditative Journeying and Channeling Sessions.  Reiki is also commonly used in conjunction with Shamanic Energy Work to help enhance the healing process.



Tarot and Oracle Readings

Alluv offers Channeled Divine Tarot Readings.    Spiritual Guidance is channeled through  the cards and through spirit directly to help clients with big or small life decisions.  Love readings are her specialty but any type of channeled message is always welcomed through her readings.  This may help in making difficult decisions with love, partnership, home, career or finances.  These readings are designed to help give the client insight on what they are facing in the present moment and how to navigate forward in the future, giving them channeled ]guidance of how to move forward in their life journey in love and in purpose.   Contact Stefanie for a reading at (530) 448-9352 or you can follow her on YouTube at All Luv Tarot.


Reiki and Reiki Attunements 

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

We practice Reiki using either a hands on technique.  The channeling of this energy therapy is used to align and rejuvenate the patient’s body and spirit. Through Reiki, universal energy is channeled by the therapist, allowing the individual  to receive divine energy for healing.  Reiki works on sources of blockage to create balance in the individual.

Attunements and Workshops are offered for all levels I, II, III and Master Teacher.  We add to events page as those dates are approaching and we also send out monthly emails to our followers.  To join our mailing list, simply contact us with your email at


Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy with Reiki

A holistic healing treatment where a series of essential oils are dropped along the spine and worked gently into the body using various massage and compressing techniques. The deep disbursement of powerful essential oils helps to facilitate the release of viruses, correct body alignment and help to facilitate the release of stagnant and intrusive energies in the body.  The oils used are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, immune boosting, grounding, calming, and as such help to fight both chronic and acute illnesses.  This is a great way to support your body during the cold and flu season, especially when performed weekly over the course of a 4-6 week timeframe.

We  also offer Raindrop Training sessions and classes to learn this technique so that you can give to others.  We show you through the training how to enjoy using your essential oils outside of just putting them into a diffuser or your food.


Psychic Channeling and Intuitive Medium Services

Alluv offers channeling and intuitive insights in which we guide clients to adjust their lives to live their dreams by helping them to access their own intuition.  This helps the client to manifest the income they want, land the career they want, and even help them find their soul mate.  Focus is to help the client resurrect their lives and clear blockages that can lead to self enlightenment.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients become their own healers through connection to self and spirit.



Private Yoga & Guided Meditation 

Alluv is partnered with a few well known Yoga studios in Truckee and Tahoe including Mountain Lotus and Truckee Yoga Collective.  We are proud to offer private yoga sessions that are customized just for you and they can be in one of our partnered Studios or in the private of your own home.  We offer Vinayasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra and guided meditations.  Reiki is always available to be added to these sessions if requested.  If you are visiting the area and have a group that would like to have this service, we can accommodate larger groups as well.  Meghan Ruiz, Ingrid Sanderman, and Melissa Winn are all partnered with us to offer these services.  These women are truly gifted in their Yoga teaching abilities.  And.. yes Stefanie has been certified as a Yoga Instructor as well as she likes to start her meditation sessions with gentle yoga poses.  Contact Stefanie for more information, pricing and to schedule.